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We provided a home for and took care of the many little birds that came to stay in our gardens in winter, but even in spring we can give nature a helping hand. We can give birds safe places in which to build their nests.

If during the cold months of winter we took the time to find something to give the birds outside our windows, now is the time to let them do what they have always effortlessly done: build a nest. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t offer them a tiny helping hand by putting some wooden garden boxes in our trees.

Small and large birds alike make their nests in natural cavities. But because of excessive urbanisation, there are less of these cavities around. This is why it might be a nice idea to put small wooden bird houses in the trees around our homes. Ferplast’s Nest Fun outdoor bird houses are all made with Tree Friend wood from carefully monitored forests and come in different shapes and sizes. They are cheerful little houses coloured with non-toxic paint and aside from providing a home for small birds, they also liven up the garden.


Be patient after you have put it up. It won’t take long before some curious little birdie notices it, enters and makes it his home, turns it into a nest and starts a family there. Each Ferplast bird house can host various types of birds, and you’ll find them listed on our website and on the wrapping. The bird house comes equipped with an adaptor you can use on the entrance hole so that you can choose what sort of bird you want to provide a home for. Only those of the size you determine will be able to enter.


Where should you hang your bird house? It should not be too close to the ground so that dogs and, more importantly, cats, can’t get to it. So a height of anywhere from 2.5 to 4 metres would be perfect. It is best if it faces either east or west, that way it won’t get the full blast of the sun from the south. Birds like a bit of shade, just like we do. And avoid hanging the house from branches that can easily be climbed by predators.


You could use elastic rubber cords to hang the bird house, attached to the support hook with a piece of wood between the house and the tree to provide support and slow down any deterioration of the wood. Do not use tight wire, cords or string that may damage the tree’s bark. And finally, let the house hang at a slight forward slant so that if rain water were to get in, it would run off without our having to intervene or disturb the birds.

So what do you think? Aren’t the little houses just perfect for a bird to start a family?


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