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For those interested in zero-carbon-footprint food and in the trends launched by the VIPs, you can’t miss the opportunity to raise a chicken, no matter how small your garden is, to provide you with fresh and decidedly organic eggs every morning. This new trend of chickens as pets obviously started in Hollywood, where Jennifer Anniston, Brad Pitt’s famous ex, and several other stars are installing small domestic chicken coops in their luxury villas.

Just think: a chicken lays from 4 to 5 eggs per week. An organic egg costs about € 0.50 in supermarkets, while raising a chicken costs € 2, not including the initial expenses for the coop. But think of the satisfaction you’d feel picking the egg that your faithful chicken laid with so much tenderness. Ferplast, always with an eye on trends, offers two lovely garden chicken coops: Happy Farm, made of sturdy plastic, and Hen House, made of wood. Happy Farm is perfect for outdoor environments, with its solid support feet that keep it elevated from the soil. The little “house” has a single “story”, with accessories such as wooden poles and an outer house for the females. Hen House is made of prime-quality Northern pine wood and is available in two models. It’s also very pretty, perfect to display in your garden, and it can be the home for up to 6 chickens, in its larger version. If you’re still not convinced, remember that chickens also help dispose of food such as lettuce, stale bread, and leftovers, in addition to providing you with several eggs you can joyfully decorate in time for Easter!






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