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Il tuo gatto ti ama?
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Valentine’s Day is the festival of lovers and anyone who has a cat knows that. Cats also feel a sense of deep attachment to some of their fellow creatures, but especially to humans. Here are the signs to tell if your cat loves you!

It is possible to understand a cat’s language, even if he expresses his feelings in a different way. For example, his purring is famous, but there are many other ways in which he wants to communicate its love.

The cat shows his belly

If your cat lays on its stomach to receive your cuddles, it is because he trusts you and feels safe. His belly is one of the most vulnerable parts of his body and he only shows it to chosen people, to avoid feeling defenceless.

Your cat leaves little gifts for you

Leaving small dead animals on the carpet or on the floor is typical of cats that live in the garden. When your cat leaves little treats around the house, such as birds, mice, lizards and other unfortunate prey, he isn’t doing it to spite you. A cat that is prepared to leave you its hunting booty considers you as part of his family. A gesture that confirms how much he cares about you!

The cat winks at you

If your cat looks at you intensely, gazes at you with interest and blinks slowly, it is not challenging you. It is as if it is “kissing” you and saying “I love you”! This behaviour indicates affection and that the cat feels calm and safe with you. Give him a sweet cuddle and scratch in return, you will make him happy!

The cat kneads

Do you want to know if your cat loves you? If you often notice him kneading on you, the answer is yes! This behaviour is reminiscent of his kitten life when he used to knead his mom to let milk out of her teats. When he grows up, however, he does this because it releases endorphins and relaxes him.

The cat sleeps with you

If your cat falls asleep in his soft, state-of-the-art bed and you find him in your bed in the middle of the night, it means he loves you. Cats love sleeping with the people they love in a warm place, like when they were babies.

The cat rubs his head on you and rubs his legs

When a cat rubs his head on yours or rubs his nose on your shoulders, he’s making an explicit declaration of love. Rubbing on people is typical of cats that want to mark their territory. They want their scent to remain firmly imprinted on you, so that no one will dare to take you away.

If the feline dances between your legs, know that it’s true love. In the language of cats, rubbing between the legs means “I am yours and you are mine”.

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