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When it comes to interior design, everything about 2015 points at “NATURE!”. It would seem that the much vaunted black & white theme of the past few years has given way to the shades and hues of nature. And an aquarium can be considered a valuable inclusion as an object of refined and elegant design that will distinguish the home by recreating the enchanting world of the deep blue sea or river beds right inside of it.

As the pairing of black & white is no longer fashionable for interiors, special attention is being given to total white and such natural colours as persimmon, the many shades of green, orange, blue and the colours of the earth, like red and brown.

Interior styles will remain minimal, without too many decorations, as open space is revered not in an empty sense, but conceived as an opportunity to create increased luminosity and fluidity.

The colour of the sky and the sea are ideal choices for carpeting and details, but also when it comes to a design item that remains eternally trendy and elegant: the aquarium.

So when you choose the one for your home, select elegance and timelessness, like the Star aquarium of Ferplast.

Designed to grace any room, it features all of the most cutting-edge performance technology. The aluminium alloy frame gives the tank an elegant and modern flair, and the largest tank model can actually hold up to 750 litres of water!

These glass aquariums are remarkable for the great attention to detail and for the high performance accessories they come with, like the external Bluextreme filter, the hood equipped with fluorescent lighting and the Bluclima heater.

All of the tanks are predisposed for additional accessories, like an automatic feeder, internal filters and a kit for the internal tubes of the filter.

And when it comes to maintenance, well Ferplast has made that just as easy with a completely openable hood sustained by special automatic stainless steel pistons and a handy hatch at the front that will let you feed your finned friends simply and easily!

 acquario-star-ferplast-1 ferplast-acquari-star-piccolo-design-naturaacquari-ferplast-5
acquari-ferplast-3 acquari-ferplast-2

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