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Interviews with you, our most valuable spokespersons and those who always choose maximum comfort for your pets, continue. We recently had a chat with young Camilla and her adorable dog, Chuck. For once, it was not hard to take some really cute pictures of a dog with his owner as they ran about in the park. He was a natural dog model!

Camilla, how long ago did you adopt Chuck ?

We had been wanting to have a dog in the house for a long time, even though we do have a cat. Mom and I had the final say in the matter and we brought him home last December, even though dad thought we were kidding. From the moment he walked in the door we all fell in love with him.


Why a dog like Chuck?

This may seem weird, but I really wanted a dog I had to brush every day. I love brushing my own hair and I wanted a pet with long hair I could take care of.


What about the holidays, what will you do with two pets?

A lady has always taken care of the cat when we go on holiday and we have already let her know that the next time we go away, there will be a puppy to take care of too!


Is Chuck obedient? Do you go for a lot walks with him?

I have to say that he’s a very sweet and well-educated dog, I think it’s a characteristic of his breed. As soon as we got him I took him out for walks around town with me, or for a run in the park. I have always preferred a harness to a normal collar. I already have a Ferplast harness and I want to show you something from the Agila Fantasy I just bought, with matching lead. I love the flowery pattern, it goes really well with my own personal look. I also use the Amigo lead and, because Chuck is such a good dog, I can take him out and about without any problems.


We take leave of Camilla and let her continue her run. If you would like to tell us your story, then please write to us at and tag your photos on Instagram with the #ferplast hashtag, and maybe we’ll feature your story too!!!






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