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With Autumn on its way, our dogs prefer to stay indoors where it’s warm rather than going out in the rain and getting chilly and wet. The time has come to get a nice new dog bed for the cold season, maybe even one of the fun new ones with coloured prints from Ferplast’s Fashion line.

The new Ferplast Fashion cushions really are special: made with a resistant fabric that cannot come unravelled, the designs have been applied using a special sublimation technique that makes them high-resolution. Thanks to this method, the colours are also really bright and lively, but entirely non-toxic and ideal even for dogs with really sensitive hides.

Have you noticed anything special on the Relax C Love model? Look closely, and you’ll see something familiar. Yes, it’s the same image you’ve been seeing above our blog for months now. Just think, pretty soon we’ll be celebrating our first year together!

But there’s much more! We decided to personalise the cushions of the Relax F models with one part eco-fur to make it double-face and even softer for them to sleep on.

If your dog needs to feel protected lying on a really soft bed, the Royal and Fiore models are perfect for them, mini-sofas on which to dream the time away.

A touch of fantasy and flair for our homes with the new Fashion cushions: let’s leave the greyness of autumn out of doors.

ferplast-blog-cuscino-cane-trilly-cactus-dog-pillow-fiore ferplast-blog-cuscino-cane-trilly-cactus-dog-pillow-fiore-winter-collection ferplast-blog-cuscino-cane-trilly-cactus ferplast-blog-cuscini-relax-peluches ferplast-blog-cuscini-relax-royal-dog-peluches

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