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In winter months, what can be better than spending time in the warmth of your home, cuddling your furry friends amidst comfortable cushions? Plenty of different types available, with different materials, thickness, padding and shapes. But while all this is subject to your personal taste, picking the wrong size can indeed be a problem. When you decide to buy a cushion online, you must have a clear idea of what you want, and how big you want it! Take a look at our suggestions to help you pick the right size.

A cushion for a dog amounts to something between a dog house and a blanket. You can take it with you wherever you go, to the point that it often becomes like Linus’s blanket for your dog, a place where they feel safe and that we acknowledge as their private space.


When you decide to purchase a cushion for your dog, going for design and colour is inevitable. However, it’s a good idea to start with the right size, suitable for your own pet. It’s important that the cushion is suitable for your dog’s size, in order to support his weight and feel comfortable at the same time.


Dogs usually curl up to sleep, as this position protects their most sensitive body parts. Your dog’s head and paws should never dangle from the edges of the cushion, and to keep this from happening, rectangular or oval cushions are the best. Such as Ferplast’s RELAX range of cushions. Available in six different sizes, they’re perfect for dogs of all measurements.

• 45/2 = 43 x 30 cm

• 55/4 = 55 x 36 cm

• 65/6 = 65 x 42 cm

• 78/8 = 78 x 50 cm

• 89/10 = 89 x 55 cm

• 100/12 = 100 x 63 cm

To understand which size to purchase (L = length of cushion), the first thing you should do is measure the length of your dog’s back (B), from his neck to the tip of his tail. Add 40% (20% behind and 20% beyond his nose), because dogs often stretch when lying down, which takes up more space. To sum it up, the length of the cushion (L) must therefore be bigger than the dog’s length (B) by 40%. Use this formula to make things easier:

L = B x 1.4

For instance, the spine of our poodle, Nala, is 40 cm long. To add 40% to that figure, multiply 40 by 1.4. The result is 56 cm, which means that Ferplast’s Relax 65 cushion is perfect for her.

Chaya, our German shepherd, is 65 cm long. If 65 x 1.4 = 91 cm, the most suitable cushion for her is Relax 100. Can you see how sad she looks in a smaller cushion?


Cuscino Relax 45/2 (43 x 30 cm)

Relax Cushion 45/2 (43 x 30 cm)


Cuscino Relax 55/4 (55 x 36 cm)

Relax Cushion 55/4 (55 x 36 cm)

Cuscino Relax 65/6 (65 x 42 cm)

Relax Cushion 65/6 (65 x 42 cm)

Cuscino Relax 65/6 (65 x 42 cm)

Relax Cushion 65/6 (65 x 42 cm)


 Picking the right-sized cushion for Toto is very important to make sure they nap comfortably!


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