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What is the typical cat’s reaction when he sees the snow? Happiness or worry? Although cats are averse to water, the same does not necessarily apply to white snowflakes. Let’s find out more about feline psychology and behavior.

Cats love home warmth and almost always have a strong dislike for water. And what about the snow, what do they do with it?

Cats and snow: a relation between hate and love

Each cat has his own personality with well-defined tastes. As humans, some of them love snow, others just don’t. But they all have one thing in common, curiosity!

Speaking with cat owners it seems that a lot of felines like snow. Cats play and have fun with it and, because of their innate curiosity, they are pushed to “experience” contact with the soft white snow.

Do you remember your cat’s first contact with snow? At first glance he was stunned and bewildered, motionless to observe the white landscape, wasn’t him? And then was he jumping like a rabbit from one side of the snowy garden to the other, even ending up playing with it? That’s common and is what we all love about cats!

Cats and snow: the cat’s habitat

A factor that greatly affects the love or not towards snow is the habitat in which the cat grows.

An apartment cat who always lives indoors when it is snowy outside will have a harder time adapting to freezing temperatures and may dislike cold snow. On the contrary, cats that live outdoors or in the high mountains, used to going out in the snow, will probably not be bothered. This is also because they have developed a more resistant coat.

Is snow dangerous for cats?

The snow is not particularly dangerous for cats, the important thing is to be careful after spending time outside. Remember to dry him to avoid colds and clean his paws well as it may have residues of snow, ice or anti-freezing salt.

Cats that live outside could risk freezing, so help them by setting up a shelter to keep warm during the coldest hours. Set a warm pillow, bowls with croquettes and water. We suggest using thick plastic bowls, which are more insulating than thin plastic or ceramic ones, so the water doesn’t freeze.

Cats and snow, friends or enemies?

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