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In summer, having a garden is just as important for us as it is for our animals. Precisely for this reason, we have identified the characteristics that a garden designed for cats against the heat should have to make them feel comfortable at all times.

What does a cat-friendly garden look like?

A garden suitable for cats must be designed according to their needs and instincts. So what are they?

1. Cats love to hide

Whether outside or inside the house, cats love to find new hiding places. Precisely in order to satisfy this need, it is a good idea to have an abundance of trees, bushes and shrubs in the garden.

A good artificial alternative are cat houses to be placed near the entrance door. The EDINBURGH cat house, for example, is ideal as a hiding place and, thanks to its uniquely rounded shape, it creates an intimate and private environment for the pet. In addition to this, it is a transformable product because with a simple touch it can become a soft bed!

2. Cats love to be up high

Felines like to position themselves in higher areas than their pet-parents. This is because they feel safe and can scrutinise what is happening. They are, in other words, ready to flee in the face of any danger.

To create a perfect garden, it is sufficient to have trees for cats to climb up. Alternatively, scratching posts to be placed under the porch are also perfect! The AMIR scratching post for example is 102.5 cm high and is equipped with wicker platforms, which provide comfort and an elevated spot for your feline.

3. Cats love to sleep

As is well known, cats are rather lazy beings who love long naps. They take many naps throughout the day and therefore need places where they can sleep peacefully. To make them feel absolutely comfortable, the best thing to do is to place a comfortable cushion in an area of the garden, setting up a corner just for them. 

Why not choose Scott, the soft, double-sided cushion for cats and dogs? It is perfect for accommodating your felines during their naps and can also be machine washed at 30° if it gets dirty.

Choosing the right plants

Finally, the choice of plants is also important in creating a cat-friendly garden. Some can in fact be dangerous for the kitten.

Plants that are best to avoid are:

Lilies, can cause kidney problems;

Cycadophytes, can cause liver failure;

Bulb plants, cause vomiting and diarrhoea;

Narcissus, responsible for hypotension and in severe cases convulsions.

In conclusion, designing a cat-friendly garden will make your pet feel like a real prince and will bring great benefits both to him, who will be much more relaxed and less bored, and to the whole family.

In addition to this, a cat-friendly area will give your kitten the opportunity to discover new corners of the garden on his own, keeping him away from danger.

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