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Cats change their fur twice a year, in autumn and spring, so if you notice hairballs around the house in these periods, don’t be alarmed. However, if the cat loses its coat abnormally or outside the moulting period, it means that something is wrong.

Cat and abnormal hair loss: the patches

To understand if there is something atypical in the cat, it is enough to carefully observe how the hair loss occurs and in which areas it lacks most. When cats shed their fur in patches then it means there could be something serious.


One of the causes that can lead to abnormal hair loss is alopecia. Alopecia can be due to skin diseases, nervous disorders or a lack of vitamins. It can be general, and in this case the cat has several hairless parts, especially on the belly and back, or specific, so it has smaller patches concentrated only in small areas.


Patchy hair loss could also be caused by severe stress. Stress can lead the cat to lick  himself excessively so that he sheds hair in the areas where heparticularly insists. Furthermore, if he suffers from stress, your defenses are lowered, which can affect the quality of the coat as well as the moulting phase.


A third situation involving patchy hair loss is ringworm, a fungus that causes hair to fall on the cat’s ears and head. Ringworm is a fairly common disease in felines, especially in smaller ones, and occurs when there are poor hygienic conditions. This disease can pass on its own, but to avoid any doubt it is always advisable to contact the vet who can prescribe, if necessary, an antifungal. Be careful because it is contagious and can also affect humans.


It can happen that a cat suffers from some allergies and because of this it presents patches without hair. These are often allergies to fleas and lice. If the cat suffers from this pathology, it will lose fur especially around the base of the tail, up to extending to the abdomen, sides and neck. It can be prevented by giving the cat specific antiparasitic treatments.

How to prevent cat hair loss?

Hygiene and constant cleaning of the environments in which the cat lives is the first step to keep him healthy: it is necessary to periodically wash the bed and cushions in which he rests, in order to eliminate dirt and prevent harmful bacteria from proliferating.

 The care of the coat must be part of the daily routine of the cat: it is very important to brush it frequently using a suitable brush and, if there are more cats in the house, try to have one for each four legs.

To prevent hair loss, pesticide treatments are mandatory: the frequency of both internal and external treatments must be respected for all the animals in the house.

Has your cat ever suffered from abnormal hair loss? Remember to contact your vet if in doubt!

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