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Child with canary in Ferplast cage Bali
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Canaries are joyful singing birds that, despite their mistrust of humans, can be educated and trained.

Choosing a canary as a pet for a child is a way of teaching the child how to care for an animal.

Physical and behavioral characteristics of canaries

Physically, the domestic canary is characterized by his yellow plumage, although there are many different breeds and varieties. Canaries’ size varies between 11 and 15 centimetres. From a character point of view, however, they are cheerful and festive, but also wary of strangers. Their nature is completely different with their owner, who can easily cuddle and train them.

Why one should choose a canary as a pet

Canary in Ferplast cage with child

Canaries make excellent pets for people living alone. They become attached to their pet parents and participate in family life by singing. Among Ferplast’s canary cages there is Villa, whose rounded roof gives the bird more space and freedom of movement.

Are canaries suitable for children?

Thanks to his gentle nature, the canary is very popular with children. He doesn’t require special cares, but due to his size and highly developed hearing, care must be taken when approaching and holding him. When approaching a canary, one must proceed with caution and delicacy and without making excessive noise, to avoid frightening him and making him feel imprisoned.Canary Ferplast cage: detail

When dealing with canaries, children learn to calm their exuberance and control their gestures. In addition, by feeding them and cleaning the cage, they begin to care for another living creature and take on their first responsibilities. Canaries are also very active birds, so if they are stimulated, they make good playmates even for young children.

The Bali cage with an antique finish by Ferplast, for example, is equipped with three perches, a swing and a small mirror with a bell, for your bird’s enjoyment. It also has a plastic base with removable drawers for easy cleaning. Finally, the antique finish is made using an ecological method, designed to respect the environment and leave a positive message for future generations.Detail of a Ferplast canary cage

The canary, therefore, is a bird with a cheerful and sociable character, an ideal companion for children.

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