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After asking our Ferplast Ambassadors how they like to spend the autumn, we decided to make a collection of images this time involving all our loyal customers. In the “Instagram Favorites” section of October you will find a nice selection of shots starring all the four-legged friends struggling with dry leaves and more!

Dogs and Leaves… what a passion!

Nature always offers many ideas to entertain dogs: the leaves that fall from the trees with their dry consistency gather in piles and become excellent hiding places in which to roll over! Not only that, with their thousand shades they become a perfect scenario, from which to take a thousand photos to post on Instagram profiles … these dogs are vain more than their masters!

In these autumn weeks, walking in the woods gives you unique emotions, our four-legged friends know it well! Watch them excited as they take free walks along the paths full of trees painted in yellow, red, orange and purple, or in the midst of the evocative and even slightly disturbing fog. Always and only by wearing terrific Ferplast equipment!








A furry bag for lazy dogs

Nature is full of magic and beauty, but there are those who prefer to admire it from above in their comfortable With-Me-Winter pet carrier bag, in this special version with warm lining and external ecological fur, ideal for the coldest puppies! How cute are these three furry ones who go around the city without getting too tired. Most prefer it in the more classic variant, ie in black … after all, it is an always a chic color that adapts to all occasions.




Beddings for warm autumn sleeps

There is no autumn without a bed where to take a nap and relax in front of the fireplace.

Our ferret friend loves spending his day in the Edinburgh little house, soft and warm like a loving hug, in the timeless blue tartan pattern with velvet finishes. And also in velvet is the bed of this pretty kitten, who stretches her legs as if she were a ballerina, before going to be pampered by her mother.



And what about your four-legged friends? Let us know by tagging us on Instagram and in @ferplast_official!

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