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September is here and it’s time to do an inventory on this long, hot summer that has just finished. Thanks to the pictures and videos you’ve sent us on Instagram, we now have a very clear idea of how your holiday went: fantastically well! This is why we’ve decided to put together the photos that we loved the most and add them to this month’s Instagram Favourites. Are you ready to dive into these photographic memories? No nostalgia, though, as summer may still come up with a few nice surprises!

One’s first summer is always unforgettable

The summer of 2019 was the first for many of our clients, puppies only a few months old, that have just opened their eyes and begun to explore the world at this wonderful time of year. Oliver, our ambassador Jack Russell terrier, was super lucky: he was able to visit places that dogs his age can only dream of. Countryside, seaside, lake, art city, always wearing his Nikita chest harness of the Puppy line!


Another super sweet mini ambassador of ours is Morrison, or Morry for her closest friends. Her first summer was very adventurous, especially due to the presence of her big brother Syd, who fell in love with her at first sight. Her favourite pastime? Playing with Syd in the garden and posing for shots like a true top model.


Some were super excited with their first time at the park. Walking for hours on end is hard, exhausting work, but it’s important to have the proper equipment… And to manage to make friends with other doggies!



All at sea: dogs that love the beach

Practically all dogs love water. The pleasure of cooling down in water, swimming and diving is unique, and for these water lovers there’s nothing more fun than spending the holiday at the beach or by a lake. Some strike a pose on the rocks after a dive, just like the Little Mermaid, while others curiously watch the fish as they swim. Perhaps he managed to catch one?




A trip in good company is always a great thing, as these two friends well know. In addition to spending their holiday together, they also have in common their love for Ferplast’s Hercules chest harness. Judging from their lolling tongues, they’re up to something. Just finished digging a hole in the sand, perhaps?


A passion for the mountains! High-altitude trekking dogs

Mountains are perfect for explorers, for those who love visiting new places and breathing fresh air. We have loads of furry clients who follow the tracks of their owners and feel at ease up high in the mountains.

Like all rock climbers, they too have a ritual: being photographed at the top of the mountain, a testimony to their conquering of yet another peak. For them it’s also very exciting to be facing boundless landscapes and their majestic beauty!

Here goes a boatload of our fearless furry friends.





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