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Dove grey is at the top of the list of favourite home decor colours. It’s a neutral and natural hue that goes well in just about every context, whether it’s classical or modern, and is especially effective in well-lit rooms. There’s a good reason why Ferplast has chosen it as one of its colours for the 2016-2017 collection: a complete set of sofas, cushions and bowls for our four-legged friends, ideally suited for the interiors of homes graced with this colour.

Many people may associate the word dove more with the bird than a colour, and they are not really wrong as there is an obvious connection – the colour gets its name from the soft grey/creamy hues of the bird’s plumage. Dove grey comes in a variety of shades that goes from a cool grey to a warmer pink and chic creamy colour.


When it’s time to do some serious renovation at home, it’s important to pick just the right colour base that sets the tone for the entire décor. In the long run, one of the most suitable ones is dove grey, seeing as it is laden with a wide range of nuances and can therefore be used as the background of any particular interior design style: from country to classic, from ethnic to modern and even shabby chic.

Dove grey furniture can be matched with every possible tone of brown, from the lightest to the darkest, and even with grey and black, but it is also perfect with any of the many shades of white (ivory, butter, milk, beige, off-white). Not only, but being a neutral hue, it also matches beautifully with brighter colours like yellow, orange, green and even purple.

This graceful neutral colour is ideally suited for the bedroom and the living room, but it can be applied to the walls of any room in the house, even the bathroom. The important thing is to try to avoid overdoing the colour-on-colour theme between the walls and the furniture, you do need a more determined colour to offset the background and give the room some depth.


Painting the walls of the living room dove grey to match the sofa, for example, is just fine, but to enliven the space you should create a bit of contrast by adding a brown table, maybe even dark brown curtains, for example. And you can also get matching pet accessories for your beloved four-legged buddy, like the little Fiore sofa with a double-face Ferplast cushion, which comes in beige with green trim and a cute doggie print. Aside from being very convenient, it has been printed using an innovative high-definition sublimation technique that saves the colours over time, even after repeated washing. It’s the ideal little refuge for your pet!

divanetto_fiore_ferplast design_interni_tortora_abbinamento cucccia_divano_cane_gatto_ferplast_

The bedroom can also be painted with this lovely light grey colour, an aesthetically rewarding choice. It’s a good idea to dress the bedroom in light colours, they provide a relaxing atmosphere that is conducive to a good night’s sleep.

When it comes to the bathroom, it’s a good idea to blend and match classic with modern styles. For example, square furniture and the sanitary fixtures, chrome detailing, a gold trim mirror and dove grey on the walls, the common thread that unites everything in the room. It’s a bold but very effective choice! If you have a feline living with you, you can easily place the Nip Wood litter box there too. It is made of light brown wood and has a grey plastic interior basin that fits right in with the colour scheme of the bathroom.


Alongside white and grey, dove grey is considered one of the most elegant neutral nuances when it comes to interior design, it is so very versatile that it makes it easy to create amazingly beautiful yet cosy spaces in which to live.

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