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Without even noticing it, Spring has crept up on us, and it’s not just because the calendar says so, but if you look outside you’ll see nature slowly awakening from her winter slumber. The days are getting longer, fields are donning an explosion of colours and buds are starting to show themselves, even the fruit trees are already in full bloom! We at Ferplast often draw inspiration from nature and we have devoted a series of products to the colours and joy Spring so beautifully expresses.

As the days get longer, the time we spend with our four-legged friends also increases, and we at Ferplast have designed a very special Spring line of leads and collars just for them: the DUAL DIAMONDS and PYRAMIDS. The DUAL DIAMONDS line of collars and leads will give a glam flair and extra colour to your Spring walks. Made of resistant nylon, they have a double bi-colour lead in three lively combinations made all the more trendy with bright and cheerful rhinestones. The DUAL PYRAMIDS are also bright and lively, the colour applied with small rhinestones and ideal for anyone who want a leash and collar that is cheerful, but also a bit rock!

guinzaglio-dudu-ferplast collari-ferplast-borchie

For those who prefer retractable leads and want to change look any time they like, Ferplast created Amigo Colors, with a wide range of interchangeable covers. Amigo is the only lead whose look we can change to keep in step with how we feel and what we’re wearing. Not only, but it’s a very reliable product, precise and safe. Ferplast has also made it lively and colourful, and if you already own one, then maybe it’s time to come and get a few new covers to celebrate Spring 2016!

When you go for a walk in town with your dog, you obviously also have to bring a container for baggies with you, so why not get the most brightly coloured one of all? It’s a Dudù People Clown, and looks like a cheerful buddy.

Spring has sprung in the home too, and it’s time to replace our cat’s old-fashioned litter box with a clean and hygienic PRIMA DÉCOR toilet. Aside from being a closed litter box that is easy to clean, functional and pleasant, we decided to decorate it with a lively Spring theme. Litter boxes are often relegated to the bathroom, and so we thought it might be fun to make them more cheerful and fun with a nice floral décor.

But what about dog and cat food dishes? Well, that’s why we created GLAM BOWLS, to add just the right amount of cheer to the home. We had a lot of fun designing a lovely flowering field with our products… we’re never short of creativity!

And if you want to share pictures of you with your pet, don’t forget to post them to #ferplast, the best ones will be featured online!



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