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A friend is a treasure, the saying goes. And dogs are man’s best friends. It’s a good thing, then, there are so many types of dogs, so that even those who don’t have a lot of room at home can enjoy the company of a furry friend. But which breeds are the best if you live in a flat? Without a doubt, those that are part of the category of “lap dogs”, due to their character and size. This doesn’t mean that large breeds can’t be happy in a flat: some dogs love the comforts of domestic life, only requiring short walks here and there, but large animals are, of course, harder to manage in a small space.

Below is a list of dog breeds that are perfectly suited for life in a flat.

  • POODLE. A cloud of curly fur, perfect as company dog. Clever, sociable, lively and playful, poodles love spending time with their families and being cuddled, even by children. Easy to train and to educate, they’re always alert, which makes them good guard dogs as well. But living rooms are too small for them: they’ll love keeping you company as you go outside, to the park, to the countryside, the mountains or the beach – they love water as well.
    miniature poodles best apartment dogs

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  • FRENCH BULLDOG. With their squashed nose and the typical frowning expression of their English counterparts, French bulldogs are irresistible. Their character is cheerful and playful; they become very attached to their family, but are never exceedingly clingy. They can be a little pig-headed when it comes to training, due to their strong character. But they’re also great company for children and excellent protectors for your home.
    french bulldog dog inside a soft dog carrier suitable to cars

    Ferplast’s Arca soft dog carrier ideal for cars

  • PUG. The king of squashed noses is the pug, a friendly ball of fur with a curled tail. Sweet and cuddly, they love physical contact and are never diffident, not even towards strangers. This dog is a perfect combination: lively and playful with children, but often calm and a bit of a couch potato. Of course, avoid taking your pug out on long walks under the sun. Everyone has their limits.
    lovely pug with a raincoat

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  • CAVALIER KING CHARLES. The big sweet eyes of this dog are a perfect reflection of its character. Easy to manage, they’re particularly sweet, not aggressive in the least, always cheerful and affectionate with their family. Highly sensitive, they’ll only bark when necessary, and are never clingy. Due to their sweet nature, this breed is perfect for children.
    best apartment dogs cavalier king charles spaniel

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  • CHIHUAHUA. When you think of a lap dog, that’s one of the first breeds that come to mind. This little dog is very sociable, active, lively and playful, perfect to keep at home. They certainly have energy to spare, alert even while napping, always ready to bark if they sense a threat coming. Chihuahuas are unbeatable in this particular sport: making themselves be spoiled by their owners.
    Chihuahua best apartment and lap dog breeds

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  • MALTESE. A small white cotton ball with clever little eyes peeking at you from behind little tufts of fur, the Maltese is a sweet, affectionate, lively and playful, suitable for children as well as for elderly people. Unlike pugs, which can’t stand a lot of physical exertion, Maltese dogs love going on long walks and leading an active life. They’re also great guard dogs, effectively letting you know when something fishy is going on.
    adorable maltese dog on his bed

    Fiore Cactus dog bed by Ferplast

  • SHIH TZU. Friendly and playful, Shih-Tzus carry themselves with the dignity typical of Eastern dog breeds: they’re calm, not prone to barking, and very attached to their family, making their presence known in a discreet manner. They’re also sturdy dogs that love playing outside even when it’s cold: they’re resistant to low temperatures. On the contrary, be aware of the heat, as brachycephalic dogs like Shih-Tzus (those with flat and wide skulls) are prone to heat strokes.
    shih tzu dog personality

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When you decide to get a dog, always take adoption into consideration. Dog shelters are always full of dogs, both pure-bred and no-breed, in sore need of a family. Go have a chat at a shelter; you’ll most certainly find someone who can advise you on how to pick a furry friend according to your needs and to your lifestyle.

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