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To face the upcoming cold, our furry friends need new warm and comfortable accessories, like our brand-new cushions and sofas made of soft velvet!

Why choose velvet?

Velvet is a very trendy material, practical and versatile, particular soft and gentle to the touch. This type of material was once a must among 14th-century nobles, when it was used to make clothes, drapes and furniture (cushions, sofas etc.). To this day, with its soft surface and lovely colours, velvet cushions are a small detail that can change the look of an entire room, making it look chic without too much pomp, and will surely allow your furry friends to relax and enjoy their naps!

Velvet sofas and cushions for cats and dogs

Ferplast designers, always with an eye on the latest trends of fashion and interior design, have come up with a line of cushions entirely made of velvet-like fabric – our Velvet line.

Dogs and cats are entitled to their own little place at home, a refuge where they can find shelter when there are gusts at home, or a discreet nook where they can nap comfortably when it’s cold outside. Our Prince cushions and Milord sofas rise up to the task, and we can assure you they’ll keep your pets deliciously warm in the autumn months!

Prince, Ferplast’s exclusive velvet cushions

Those who are into cushions will fall in love with Ferplast’s Prince model. Super padded and double-faced, it can be used by itself, on your cat’s favourite chair, or inside your dog’s hard plastic house (such as our Fiesta Deluxe). Resistant to wear, it’s machine-washable at 30° C. Available in many sizes, it fits pets of all sizes.

Velvet is so trendy we’ve decided to offer our cushions in two-colour versions: beige and green, beige and lilac, beige and blue. Which one is your favourite?

Milord, Ferplast’s velvet sofa

True lazybones love to spend the winter in front of a fireplace, napping in a comfortable sofa with side bars – it feels like a fort, safe from attacks! Milord is the best of its kind, a sofa for cats and dogs made of soft warm velvet, very comfortable, elegant and lovely to look at. It also has the advantage of a lower front bar to make it easier for your dog to climb on and down. Cherry on top: as Milord can be considerable a decoration item, it comes with a double-sided cushion designed to match your interior design.

The colours are the same as the cushions: beige and green, beige and lilac, beige and blue, all available in three sizes:

MILORD 45: 28 x 20 cm

MILORD 55: 34 x 22 cm

MILORD 65: 40 x 25 cm

Let the velvet season begin!

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