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Have you decided to adopt a stray cat? After a visit to the vet it is time to organise your home and get a little corner ready just for your cat, with everything he will need to live in the best possible way. What are the things he will need in order to settle down and enjoy peaceful life with his new family?

If you are finally convinced that you want to adopt that cute cat you always see wandering about and hanging around your garden, or if you have finally decided to take in that adult cat you found abandoned along the way, you must also keep in mind that you will need to follow a series of instructions to allow him to adapt to his new home in the best possible way.

A stray cat at home: choosing the space

Cats are reserved animals and they tend to be cautious if adopted as adults, so it is a good idea to set up a corner of the house for him (moving from the street to a house is a big change and this is why it is important to provide him a space all of his own!). You can decide whether to give him a room all for himself or let him explore the house and choose the corner he prefers on his own.

A stray cat at home: the survival kit


Food is the best weapon to use if you wish to earn the trust of a cat, so if you want to get him used to his new habitat, leave the bowl full of dry food in plain view or, better still, full of wet food, to attract his attention. When kitty comes into a house that offers him food and water without having to find it for himself, this will make it much easier for him to adapt to the new space. You can opt for the Maki raised bowls, to make sure that the cat eats while maintaining the correct posture, or the classic, colourful Glam bowls by Ferplast.

2. BED

What could be better than a soft, comfortable cushion for nice long naps away from danger? After living on the street, being able to count on a permanent and safe shelter is a real privilege and the cat will be grateful to you for life! There are so many options: from the Scott cushion, to Muffin, the little sofa and Chester, the little bed… be inspired by Ferplast’s collections and always keep your cat’s size in mind!


A cat that has always lived on the street does not know what a litter tray is, yet he will soon be using this accessory all the time once he becomes a house cat. There are various types of litter tray for cats, open or closed, with a sieve and filters to keep away the bad smells that felines really hate. For this reason, always place it a long way away from the bowls. We suggest the Ariel model, ideal also for cats who are beginners.


The scratching post is indispensable for all cats, even for a stray who has just arrived in the house: on the one hand, it protects and prevents the cat from scratching and breaking fabrics and furniture; on the other hand, it allows the animal to release his anxiety and stress, while keeping his claws the right length.

A stray cat at home: useful advice

One of the best pieces of advice for adopting a cat is to let him get used to the house in his own time. It is normal for him to appear suspicious and prefer to be alone for the first few days, so be patient, approach him slowly and try to stroke him or just to allow him to get used to your smell. If possible, try to let him stay in contact with nature, because it is best to let your feline friend maintain some of his healthy, old habits.

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