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You either love ‘em or you hate ‘em… that’s right, cats! We, of course, love them and all of their odd little quirks to pieces, but we also know we’ll never really understand them!

And that is exactly what makes them so fascinating: they give of themselves, but never let you completely in on their secrets. They are like beautiful, mysterious lovers, the attraction is powerful, undeniable. We got together and, just for fun, came up with 27 reasons to attempt to explain just why they so enrapture us:

Here are some of the reasons you can’t help but love cats!

  1. Because she looks like a prima ballerina when she grooms herself;
  2. Because she sleeps all the time yet has everything under control;
  3. Because if you combine the cat with a nice plaid on your lap, winter is much easier to handle;
  4. Because she covers our clothes with hair, just to remind you of her existence;
  5. Because when she curls up it’s hard to figure out what’s heads and what’s tails;
  6. Because she hides in the most amazing places, where we least expect to see her;
  7. Because she evades us and manages to love us at the same time;
  8. Because she can keep us prisoner on the sofa for hours on end, warming our tummies;
  9. Because she rewards us with the precious gift of dead birds, mice and crickets;
  10. Because we can listen to her purr forever;
  11. Because when she doesn’t run to you when you call her, we are overcome with fear for her wellbeing;
  12. Because we want to come back as her in our next life;
  13. Because she’s so incredibly soft;
  14. Because now and again she’ll actually do what we ask her to, but we know it’s the exception to the rule and that she’ll never be obedient;
  15. Because she makes us look like brave warriors, with scratches on our hands and arms;
  16. Because she wants us to scratch her tummy, but we don’t know if we’ll survive her reaction;
  17. Because of the lightning fast ambushes when we walk down the hall;
  18. Because she’s incredibly vindictive and, one way or the other, she’ll will always make us pay;
  19. Because she tells us she loves us by butting heads with us;
  20. Because when it’s dinner time she tries to kill us by rubbing our legs while we’re walking with her dish;
  21. Because, actually, maybe she really does want to kill us!;
  22. Because if there is a closed door, she’ll find a way to get us open it for her;
  23. Because at a certain point in her life she’ll completely change and we won’t ever understand why;
  24. Because she licks us with her really rough tongue;
  25. Because there’s something so special about kissing her right where her whiskers grow;
  26. Because she’s the one that chose us;
  27. Because when she chooses you, it’s forever.

beautiful persian chinchilla cat

So what do you love about your cat? Oh, and another reason we love ours… because it’s impossible not to laugh when they are playing!

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