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The story of Ferplast firm started from a simple basement office in the province of Vicenza, in fact it was founded  nearly fifty years ago. It’s surprising to think about how certain firms are created from nothing, only from an idea, an intuition, and a lot or work, passion, research and determination, becoming in a few years one of most important multinational firms, able to export to 80 countries and 5 continents.

This is Ferplast.

It doesn’t want to be a self-celebration, but  success stories must be told!

Ferplast was founded in 1966 in the province of Vicenza , when Carlo Vaccari along with his sister Caterina started producing small cages for small decoy birds . From there they have never stopped, betting on a project to make products for Pet Comfort and thus becoming the undisputed leaders at an International level.

But how do you become leaders ?

Starting from your own dreams. What do our birds need ? Besides the affection of their own masters who take care of them every day, of many small but fundamental accessories to make them feel fine , in our homes, in our gardens, or when we go on holiday and many times they give us  a smile.

And therefore,  “yes” ! Ferpast everyday trusts animals, to design for them  always new products , with their unique, coloured and trendy style and only with the best materials.