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The dog barks to communicate. It is a vocal communication that the pet uses to express emotions, dangerous situations, malaise, boredom.

Let’s find out what are the main reasons for excessive barking and what are the related remedies.

Why do dog bark

The reasons that lead dogs to bark are very varied. They can be obvious, such as when defending their property. Other times, however, it is not always easy to recognize why your pet is barking.

The reasons that lead the dog to bark

1. Loneliness. If a dog spends a lot of time alone it is very likely that he has no stimuli. As a result, he may bark excessively and abnormally. In this case, your dog is just trying to get the attention he wants.

To solve this problem, we recommend that you:

Do not leave the dog alone for extended periods of time. He needs to interact with his human friend.

– Keep your dog engaged in games and activities since he tends to get bored easily. Never leave the dog alone without their favorite games.

2. Fear. Your dog may bark in a loud and prolonged manner if he is afraid of something that is external to him and that he cannot control. In the event of thunderstorms, fireworks or other particular noises, do not leave him alone and spend more time with him so that he does not feel abandoned.

3. Fear of separating from one’s pet parent. Dogs tend to suffer a lot from separation anxiety, especially some breeds. It is a sense of emptiness that the Fido feels when the pet parent leaves him alone.

In this case, the barking can also be accompanied by a frenetic movement of the pet that moves from one room to another without a real reason.

4. Excessive territoriality and defense of “their” property. There is a risk that especially dogs that are left out of the house for a long time become hypersensitive towards “their” property. Whether it’s their home or whatever.

Your dog may bark to protect his territory. For example, if there are “intruders”, such as the postman or other neighbors.

How to make your dog bark less

– Give your pet more walks throughout the day. In this way he will no longer have the strength or desire to bark unnecessarily. In case of rain, do not give up on going out but bring a raincoat that protects your pet from wind and rain.

Don’t let your dog out into the garden if you can’t control him. Keep your dog indoors if there are adverse weather conditions, such as a thunderstorm. This will decrease his fear and even the urge to bark.

Spend more time with your dog. Make sure you spend the necessary time with your pet in order to satisfy all his desire for attention.

Place the dog away from a busy street. In doing so he will not have the tendency to always be “on guard”. 

– Have your dog undergo a thorough examination by the vet. In fact, sometimes dogs bark a lot when they are sick. For example if they suffer from worms and parasites. Surely a check-up by the vet is essential to check his physical health.

Getting your dog to bark less will take a lot of time, patience, and consistency.

It will certainly not happen overnight, but with the right techniques the results will not be long in coming.

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