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Have you noticed your cat often sprawled out in the garden or on your home’s terrace, basking in the sun? This is a completely normal behaviour and the benefits of sunshine for cats are numerous, both for their physical health and their mood, including stimulating the production of melanin and serotonin.

However, while there are many advantages, it’s also essential to take some precautions to avoid health issues caused by sun exposure.

Why do cats love the sun?

One often wonders how cats manage to endure the sun even in the summer without suffering from the heat, despite their fur becoming very hot. Firstly, it’s good to remember that the cat originally evolved in warm, often desert-like areas, and therefore has a metabolism that can handle high temperatures.

Moreover, being homeothermic animals – that is, maintaining a constant body temperature – the sun allows them to regulate their body temperature and save energy by seeking out heat sources.

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The benefits of sunshine for cats

The warmth and light of the sun provide cats with significant benefits, both physically and mentally.

We’ve already touched on how the sun aids the body in producing important substances like melatonin and serotonin. Melatonin is a key regulator of the sleep/wake cycle, meaning that light helps promote sleep and improve rest quality. Serotonin, on the other hand, plays a role in mood and generates feelings of happiness and contentment, which benefits the cat’s behaviour, feeding, and socialisation.

Moreover, besides regulating body temperature, the sun’s rays and their warmth play a crucial role in protecting cats’ immune systems. In fact, it has been shown that sun exposure provides cats with benefits against viruses and bacteria, reducing the long-term occurrence of diseases and annoying ailments such as rheumatism or osteoarthritis.

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Cats in the sun: Precautions to take

The benefits of sunlight and warmth for cats are clear. Don’t worry if your pet spends hours resting in the sun, but do make sure to take some simple precautions to prevent any irritating issues.

Did you know that there are also sunscreens available for cats? They are especially recommended for cats with very short or light fur. It’s also highly advised to apply sunscreen to delicate areas where the fur is thinner. Thus, areas like the nose and ears should be well protected if your cat often spends long periods exposed to the sun.

Additionally, it’s vital to always ensure your kitty stays well hydrated. Make sure to provide your cat with fresh and clean water at least once a day and ensure they have a shady spot to take cover.

Ferplast’s Vega Sanitized can be a great alternative. This is a fountain with a spring-like effect. The water is always moving and encourages the animal’s natural drinking behaviour. It also features three different drinking points and includes an active carbon filter to ensure the water remains clean and clear.

If your cat loves to bask in the sun, keep these simple and useful tips in mind!”

Ferplast gatto acqua dispenser Vega Sanitized

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