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There are only a few days left until Christmas and some of us still haven’t finished our holiday shopping. If you don’t know what to put under the tree for a dear friend who has a dog, how about a present for the dog?

Whether it’s for your puppy or a friend’s, you can’t go wrong with a special canine gift. There are many things to choose from, even if you’re on a limited budget. Without a doubt these are intelligent gifts, because they are quite useful to anyone who already has a pet: a simple gift, the Christmas present becomes something truly indispensable all year round.

It’s not easy to choose, so here are a few ideas, from simple to extravagant.

DOG BEDS and PILLOWS: you can never have enough of these! Even if you’re not sure if the dog owner needs another dog bed, don’t worry, sooner or later it will come in handy. Just remember it’s important to know the size of the dog, and whether it lives in the house or out of doors. If you decide to get a pillow, there is a wide selection of patterns and colours to choose from.

COLLARS: studs or glitter? Christmas is a perfect time to give something special and different than plain old dog collars. Also, compared to a harness, it’s easier to guess collar sizes even if you’re not sure of how big the dog is.

CLOTHING: By now all dogs have at least one raincoat or winter coat. In this case, it’s best to get the exact measurements from the dog’s owner… it may ruin the surprise but at least you’ll be sure to have made the right one!

FOOD BOWLS and HYGIENIC BAG HOLDERS (DUDÙ): there are never too many dog dishes around, so these are undoubtedly very much appreciated. They exist in many different materials and sizes: stainless steel, ceramic, plastic, and can be plain or very colorful. Always useful are DUDÙ hygienic bag holders in a variety of designs to hang on the dog’s leash… never be without!



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