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The longer days of summer are a clear invitation to staying out with the dog until late. To make sure your dog is safe as you walk home after dark, you need to take some precautions and have the right equipment – starting with a reflective harness for the dog! Take heed of our suggestions and make notes!

Whether you live in the city, but even more so if you live out in the country, it is of the utmost importance to your safety, and that of the dog, to be visible after the sun has set.

The advantages of taking Rex out in the evening

Walking the dog as the sun sets is a wonderful thing to do. The lights in the houses around you start going on, the crickets chirp their little hearts out, a cool summer breeze offers that sense of peace and quiet… and the temperatures dip to perfection. From a purely physical point of view, it’s great for the dog too, as it can burn off energy stored up during the long hot day and maybe “water” some plants along the way before heading into a really deep and peaceful night’s sleep.

Accessories for evening strolls

Safety is of the utmost importance! When you go out in fading sun you need all the right accessories to be visible to passing cars, to not risk being involved in or causing accidents! The fact that you can see the car does not mean the driver can see you or your dog!

Therefore, we suggest the following:

1. WEAR BRIGHTLY COLOURED CLOTHING. Before stepping out for your walk, do something that can easily be seen: bright vests, white shorts, trousers with reflective bands. That way drivers can spot you from afar and keep their distance, and keep you safe in the twilight!

2. DRESS YOUR DOG IN A REFLECTIVE HARNESS AND LEAD. The dog needs to highly visible as well, with a reflective harness and a lead with luminous inserts that can be spotted easily. A reflective harness is not enough, the lead needs to shine back as well to mark the distance between you and the dog.

3. BRING A TORCH WITH YOU. Led, flashing lights and flashlights are a great way to stay safe and visible, to be recognised by other walkers, animals and, of course, cars and buses!

The Agila Reflex harness, safety for the dog

Ferplast designed the highly functional Agila Reflex harness for evening or night walks. Solid and resistant, it has a reflective stripe so that the dog can be seen from afar and when there is little light. It fits beautifully and, thanks to an intersection between the various parts, it readily adapts itself to the dog’s shape and size. The harness also comes equipped with a quick-release micro-adjustment system that easily adjusts itself to the dog’s own contours. It comes in a variety of sizes and two colours: orange and black. It can be used with the Sport Reflex lead, it too equipped with reflective elements.

It is so very important to be visible at all times. With just a few basic items you can fully enjoy your walk in the dark with the dog in complete safety!

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