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CHRISTMAS GIFTS: presents for dogs

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A gift for your mum, another for your aunt, one for your nephews and nieces, one for your fiancé… What about our four-legged friends? Why not keep our pets in mind and give them a nice gift as well? Gift ideas are numerous, and the ones we have here today are suitable for vain dogs.

Not surprisingly, many pet owners put gifts for their furry friends beneath their Christmas trees as well, as pets are considered members of the family and have very precise tastes.

For owners and dogs who love to stand out, Ferplast has designed a collection of collars and leashes that are both sophisticated and glamorous: its PARURE line is available in several versions, from the one with white pearls to red, blue, pink and with coloured roses. Once the dog is wearing the collar, the remaining part becomes a comfortable and elegant leash. Picture yourself walking your dog wearing the Quartz model matching your own pink coat, on your way to a shop opening or a fashion show – you’ll surely be the most envied owner in town. This year more ever Ferplast has kept in mind dog owners with a fashion sense, with its fun, coloured, original lines for those who absolutely want to stand out. With such collars and leashes, you’ll surely be hard to miss.



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