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Keeping our furry friends protected is one of our most important duties, as they tolerate hot, muggy summer weather worse than we do, and also because they spend a long time by themselves, while we are away at work. For this reason, in addition to leaving your dog a bowl of clean, fresh water every morning before you head out, it may be a good idea to give him a cooling pad, to make sure he always has a cool little place available to rest. Let’s see how these pads work.

Ferplast’s PET COOL MAT gives your dog a bit of coolness during the warmest months of the year. It’s a wicker pad containing a cooling liquid that starts working when under the pressure of your dog’s weight. No plugs, and no need to leave it in the refrigerator or in icy water.



It’s also easy to fold, which means it’s practical and can be taken anywhere without any hassle. It’s absolutely safe for your pet. Use it at home, outdoors, or on the bottom of your dog carrier, for maximum comfort even while travelling. Needless to say, never leave your dog alone in your car, not even when he’s sitting on Ferplast’s Pet Cool Mat.


Pleasantly cool, Pet Cool Mat works exclusive when under the pressure of your dog’s weight. It reaches a temperature 10° C lower than room temperature for as many as 4 consecutive hours. Once the cooling effect is over, it doesn’t take long for it to be active again, ready to provide your dog with some more cool time.

Available in two sizes: 40 x 50, for small and medium dogs, and 90 x 60 for large ones.



Remember that dogs have a basal temperature of 38.5° C, so yours will likely always feel hot to you. If you think he’s way too hot, it’s probably best to avoid getting him wet – wet his head, perhaps, just to help lower his temperature a little bit. Dogs have very few sweat glands and are therefore not particularly skilled at regulating their own body temperature, so the best thing is to prevent heatstroke altogether.

We hope you find these tips useful and that we have cleared any doubts you might have on how Ferplast’s cooling pad works – an innovative product that will make your furry friend happy.

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