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If you are looking for a small dog that is very affectionate and loves to stay at home, pugs are just perfect for you. Their teddy bear looks and their irresistible personality make them much beloved by children and women of all ages. How about we get to know them a little better?

Pugs are little Molossus with short hair and typical mask-like face, a solid body and powerful muscles. Unlike what most people think, pugs are far from sedentary and lazy: they love to run, jump and play. There are countless online videos of pugs in mini agility competitions and obstacle courses. It is obviously up to the owners whether to introduce them to this kind of activity or not.


Like many other dog breeds, the history of pugs is very old and often controversial: most people believe they come from China, where it used to be the favourite dog of Empire employees. They later became more common in Europe, to the point that today the paternity of this breed is acknowledged as British. Pugs are sensitive dogs, which is why they have been chosen, for several centuries, as the best friends of many famous writers and politicians. Pugs are the aristocratic breed.


Talking of character and temperament, there’s one thing you can be sure of: it’s practically impossible to make a pug lose her temper and go postal! Pugs are very docile, but they have a remarkable sense of humour, and with their wrinkled faces and big eyes, they can come up with countless different expressions, to the point that at some point you may have the sensation your pug is making fun of  you – very lovingly, of course. If your dog looks offended (although perhaps she’s just chilling), don’t be alarmed: the particular shape of their nose and their wrinkled foreheads give them that hopeless look we all love. Just to be on the safe side, make sure to pamper and cuddle her, and watch her expose her belly to you, begging for more!


Like all short-nosed dogs, pugs suffer a lot with heat, so make sure it’s not too hot outside if you want to take her for a walk. Spring days are perfect for a walk in the park or downtown (oh yes, pugs love shopping). Chiara and her sweet Isotta enjoyed the nice day and went for a walk together! Because of their physical structure, it’s a good idea to choose an ergonomic chest harness, such as Ferplast’s Agila Fluo, soft and comfortable, adaptable to your dog’s size thanks to its fastening with micro regulation.

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Pugs are lovely lap dogs. Adopting one will bring a breath of joy and happiness to your family!


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