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When we started our Instagram profile a few months ago we had no idea there were so many of you sharing photos of your pets wearing or using Ferplast products. Looking at them has filled our hearts with joy.

We know that very many of you appreciate our products, but we don’t know who you are, although we realise that every day, all over the world, you choose our products to make your lives with your pets even more special. So it’s been a bit like meeting you for the first time.

That convinced us to make and share a monthly collage featuring the nicest pictures we found on Instagram, where you can always follow us. Remember to tag your pictures @ferplast_official or #Ferplast, so that we can see them.

You’re all so adorable taking your dogs for a walk in the city or feeding your fish, or cleaning out your canary’s cage. Keep the pictures coming!

We hope you like this new feature, it’s our way of saying thanks!


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Share the love

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