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After the holidays, it’s normal to feel a little overweight and out of shape. This is also true for the canines that have spent the holidays with us. If during these family dinners, you have allowed the spirit of the holiday season get the better of you, and gave an extra snack or a treat to Fido as well, it is now best to take a step back and try to get him back in line. You don’t want him to become too chubby, do you?!

According to the latest research conducted by AIDAA (Italian Association for the Defense of Animals and the Environment), the number of obese dogs and cats is on the rise, peaking during Christmas and New Year.

A dog is overweight when it has excessive body fat due to a bad diet or a sedentary lifestyle. To keep your furry friends healthy, it is fundamental to help them maintain their ideal body weight. Sure, it’s normal for the scales to show a few hundred grams more after the feasting of the Christmas season. Nevertheless, with a little bit of effort, you will be able to help your pet regain the splendid appearance of before. How?


The daily dry food intake must be monitored: above all, avoid snacks between meals. In addition, reduce meal portions. Naturally, this should be done gradually, over the course of two weeks. A Ferplast Optima bowl could be very useful in this task. Its integrated digital scale allows food to be weighed while it is being poured into the bowl, preventing waste and ensuring the correct dosage.

ciotola_optima_ferplast_bilancia_pesare_cibo_cane ciotola_optima_ferplast

This is not all. You need to help your darling not feel hungry by dividing the daily food allowance into 2 or 3 meals throughout the day and when he looks at you with those sad eyes, stay strong! It’s for his best. If, for reasons outside your control, you cannot be with him during the day but want to make sure he eats only during the pre-set time, we recommend you use a practical bowl with a timer, such as Ferplast’s Cometa automatic food distributor. Just set the timer to the hour when you wish your four-legged friend to receive his food. At the set time, the bowl will open, ensuring he receives his meals on time.


Last but not least, movement. Games outside or in the house and exercising are a good way to get the animal’s metabolism going again and to facilitate weight loss. Remember, boredom makes you hungry!


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