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Summer evenings help us forget about the day’s heat for a few hours, so why not take advantage of the cooler evening air and take the dog out for a walk? We must, however, be careful and take certain precautions to stay safe when there is less light.

When it’s too hot during the day, it’s really nice to take a walk in the dark with the dog. But because of the lack of light, it’s a good idea to adopt some safety measures so that passing cars and cyclists can clearly see us in their headlights.

We, as humans, can buy a whole series of gadgets. Runners can don vests or trousers with patches on them that reflect light, but what about dogs?

Well, they too can put on special accessories created especially for owners who prefer evening walks. Things like:

– Flashing dog collar covers, which are great if we don’t want to change the collar. It’s an item called the Night Over Collar by Ferplast. You can charge it like a USB flash drive and it becomes visible at twilight or in the dark. Depending on how charged it is and conditions of environmental light, it will give you a 500 m visibility. But there is also Reflex by Ferplast, made of simple reflecting nylon.

– Reflecting vests, like the Reflex Jacket by Ferplast, are made with reflecting nylon and have a Velcro strap to make it really easy to put on and take off.

– Reflecting and flashing dog leads and collars like Ergoled and Night collar by Ferplast are made of nylon and have reflective patches and LEDs that can be set to two modes: flashing and continuous.

With these special accessories, your dog will no longer be invisible to cyclists and drivers, and your walk will be all the more relaxing.



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