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That’s right…time passes for all of us, even for our kitties. Not only do we tend to become more sedentary, lazier and less prone to go out…or play, in the case of our feline friend. This is why it is important to find ways to keep your cat active and lively: have you ever heard of mental stimulation toys for cats?

Mental stimulation toys are specifically designed to pique the cat’s interest and stimulate her intellectual capacities which, just like physical ones, should be kept in shape. These toys can help kittens since they stimulate growth but are also ideal for adult and even older cats who have, perhaps, gotten lazy and lost the desire to play.

How do these toys tempt cats to play? Well, teasing her appetite, by using food or treats your cat loves. If for some reason your cat is finicky, she obviously won’t budge, but if she has a bit of appetite she’ll have the right stimulation to start playing.

smart toys for cats' mental stimulation

The purpose of the toy is to challenge your pet’s brain, stimulating it to sharpen its wits to win the aspired prize. This occurs by using its sense of smell which, even if it may seem strange to use, actually requires the cat to spend a lot of energy and is challenging from the intelligence standpoint.

cat intelligence toy with food inside

A fun interactive treat finding toy for cats is, for example, Discover: this toy comes with hiding places for treats covered by sliding disks. To reach the treat your cat must find the right hiding place and move the cover disk with its paw.

cute female cat playing with an interactive cat toyadorable female cat playing with a smart toy with food inside

Magic Box is another fun toy for cats: made of wood, it has multiple openings where your cat will have fun trying to swat the lighted ball inside. Naturally, to further challenge your cat, you can add her favourite treats so she can try to find and grasp the coveted treat with guile and hard work.

cat interactive toy for mental stimulation

Let’s give your cat a workout! 

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