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Have you just recently got yourself a kitten? Like for all pets, the first item in your to-do list is to teach them where their toilet is. Unlike dogs, which should be taken outside, cats require a litter box right from day one. Here go some tips to help you keep your cushions, sofas and corners clean:


  • The litter box should be placed far from the area in which the cat’s food bowls are located. With their super developed sense of smell, cats hate being around unpleasant smells while they eat, and this may cause them to avoid using the litter box altogether. The best place is usually a bathroom, or a balcony, if it’s not winter. Yes, cats have fur, but they dislike going out when it’s cold just to use the toilet.


  • There are several different types of litter boxes: open or closed, rectangular, angular. The Prima Cabrio is particularly practical: a newly designed litter box that provides proper privacy, as it’s all covered, and it’s also easy to transport, thanks to its handle. It also has active charcoal to neutralise unpleasant smells. Thanks to its new design, the door can be lifted all the way to the upper part, so that it’s not necessary to open the entire box for everyday cleaning. Closed litter boxes also solve the problem of having sand sprayed all around the box when the cat digs a hole.


  • If your kitten is very young, he’ll need help. Put him in the litter box the first times, perhaps removing the door in the early stages, to make things as simple as possible. If your cat doesn’t like closed spaces, give him an open box, at least during the first months.


  • If your cat uses other places as toilets, have her smell her poo, scoop up the poo and put it in the litter box, to teach her where it’s supposed to be.


  • Remove the poo and jellified urine from the sand every day. There are special sifting scoops for this purpose. Alternatively, if you want to save on the litter box, we suggest purchasing a box with a built-in sift, such as Magix.


And be patient: we’re talking about a kitten, that takes time to learn, but you’ll see that your kitten will soon know what to do. Cats are very clean animals, after all; they spend countless hours a day licking themselves clean and fiercely dislike soiling their environment, their home, their territory.


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