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Are you planning a trip of a few hours, perhaps to your summer holiday destination, and fear that your dog might get car-sick? 

It is not always easy to deal with this annoying ailment, but if you know your pet and you know that he or she may be suffering during the journey, here are some useful tips for you to adopt before and during the trip to relieve your four-legged friend!

Car sickness in dogs

For many dogs, getting into a car not only represents a moment of fun, but also turns into a relaxing trip. However, there are some pets who experience car journeys as moments of real discomfort, both because of the effects the vehicle has on them and because of the fear the car causes. Studies conducted by the Ministry of Health have shown that around 20% of dogs tend to suffer from car sickness. 

Car sickness in dogs is a disorder very similar to that of us humans. The stationary position of the car and moving images often cause nausea and vomiting, turning the journey into a nightmare for both you and your pet.

Symptoms of car sickness in dogs

How can you tell if your dog suffers from car sickness? The symptoms for animals are actually very similar to our own. It is possible that some pets start to manifest these complaints before they even leave, or just at the sight of the car. Usually your dog will present:

  • Excessive salivation
  • Nausea
  • State of restlessness and agitation
  • Shortness of breath and tachycardia
  • Vomiting

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Remedies for dog car sickness

If your dog suffers from car sickness, it is possible to adopt some small tricks to ease his suffering and avoid a problematic journey. 

Before departure

Before getting into the car, it is important that the dog is fasting, in order to avoid the onset of nausea as much as possible. In addition, car sickness is often linked to the wrong psychological approach. Try in every way possible to calm your dog down, make him feel as comfortable as possible and perhaps bring along some toys that he is fond of. Anxiety and fear amplify his discomfort even more. 

Also make sure that the dog is in a large, comfortable and safe space and, if recommended and prescribed by your vet, you can also opt for some calming and anti-nausea medication to be administered before departure.

During the car journey

Once the journey has begun, try to drive gently, avoiding hard braking, sudden acceleration and turns that may jolt and agitate your dog. It may also be a relief for your pet to feel a slight breeze. You can keep the window slightly rolled down, but avoid too much air and temperature changes. Finally, try to maintain a constant temperature inside the car and make regular stops.

Ferplast accessories for travelling by car with your dog

Attention to accessories for your dog’s car journey is very important and could prove to be a help to his car sickness. First of all, choose a solid, safe and sufficiently large pet carrier in which your dog can feel comfortable and relaxed. 

You can opt for Atlas Car, the specially designed pet carrier for travelling by car with your dog. It is sturdy and light at the same time, equipped with safety locks and large slots for internal ventilation. Finally, the hygienic mat with which it is equipped ensures a dry environment at all times and the convenient handles make it easy to lift the cage. 

Also, always remember to take fresh water with you! You can directly place a drinking bottle such as Drinky Dog in your dog’s carrier so that your pet can drink at any time. Finally, wet wipes such as Genico Fresh could always be useful to use just in case. 

If your dog gets carsick, try these little tricks to make your journey and that of your pet less turbulent!

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