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Thinking of adopting a rabbit as your new pet friend? You couldn’t make a better choice, but beware of a few important hints and tips to really rabbit-proof your home!

Rabbits are not difficult animals to care for, but as with all pets there are a few things you need to pay attention to in order to organise your home and ensure their well-being and safety.

The rabbit in the house… gnaws!

It is certainly nothing new that rabbits have an unbridled passion for anything they can gnaw on. This habit of theirs can cause discomfort to your pet and damage some of the furnishings in your home. 

To have a rabbit-proof house, you can try to think as if there were a baby crawling around the rooms. Rabbits are extremely curious and playful animals and will tend to explore every corner of the house. 

Ferplast casa coniglio rosicchia

Some tricks

The first precaution to take is to keep electrical cables out of their reach, even the seemingly hidden ones. Your rabbit will feel the uncontrollable urge to gnaw on them, with even dramatic consequences. 

Also watch out for doors and windows! A door that suddenly closes, perhaps because of a draught, could be fatal for your small rabbit. It is therefore very important to always check nearby before closing doors or opening a window, through which the rabbit could escape. 

Furthermore, even places in the house such as stairs or lofts are dangerous for your rabbit and it is always recommended to fence them off. The rabbit in fact, let’s face it, is not a real pro at landings and a fall could cause him serious damage. 

A corner in the house for your rabbit 

Leaving your rabbit at home free to hop around is certainly fun, but it requires constant attention from thier owner. It is therefore very important to create a safe corner of the house, where your pet can take refuge and feel comfortable and protected.

An excellent solution will be to give your rabbit a home dedicated to him, a cage with with the best comforts, from which he can enter and exit independently. Ferplast has created different types of rabbit cages that are suitable for indoor environments and that guarantee your rabbit’s well-being and comfort, without sacrificing all the necessary safety measures. 

Rabbit in the house: Casita by Ferplast

The Casita indoor cage provides your rabbit with ample living space. The bottom is made of plastic that is very easy and quick to clean, while the mesh is made of metal with anti-corrosion paint. The roof of the cage is rounded and can be opened to help clean the space and is equipped with convenient safety latches. 

In addition, the cage is already equipped with some indispensable accessories for your rabbit such as a drinking bottle, feeder, bowl and resting house. 

Ferplast conigliera in casa Casita

Rabbit in the house: Cottage by Ferplast

If you are looking for a uniquely designed indoor rabbit hutch, Cottage is the one for you. It is a spacious living space that offers your pet ample room for movement and is made of FSC™ certified wood.

The rabbit hutch has two floors and the first one is fenced in, has a safety locking door and a pull-out tray. The inside ladder then leads to the hutch, which is specially designed for your rabbit to rest in. 

In all Ferplast cages you can finally place a convenient toilet for your rabbit. The L 305 will be a perfect place for your pet to do its business undisturbed. It is made of sturdy plastic and very easy to clean.

Create a rabbit-proof home with Ferplast tips and products! 

Ferplast coniglio in casa conigliera Cottage

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