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Ferplast esercizio cani fiume
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Exercise in dogs is important for their health and well-being, just as it is for humans. For your pet’s happiness, it is therefore essential to try to understand how much exercise they actually need, depending on their breed but also on their character, age, needs and build. 

In any case, whatever your dogs are, they will certainly need exercise to stay healthy and balanced. 

Benefits of exercise in dogs 

Exercise is a fundamental activity for the dogs, both from a physical and a psychological point of view. It helps dogs prevent health problems such as obesity, stress and hyperactivity and stimulates their minds to play and interact with other animals or humans.

Exercising will also be an excellent ally for your dog in preventing some more serious diseases, such as heart and respiratory diseases, diabetes and arthritis. In addition, being outdoors and moving around will also be an incredible boon for your pet’s mind and contribute greatly to his happiness. 

Lack of exercise, but also excessive activity, can cause very serious problems in dogs. That is why it will be very important to try to establish and understand how much exercise the animal needs, trying never to overdo it. 

Ferplast esercizio fisico cani fresbee

Personalized exercise for your dogs

Training your dogs should be a customised type of physical activity, tailored to their needs and not to those of his owner. That is why it is always recommended to consider these aspects too when choosing to adopt a dog. 

If you are a lover of running or long, strenuous walks, it cannot be taken for granted that your pet will endure prolonged and intense physical exertion. On the contrary, an extremely active and enterprising dog is not suitable for a sedentary owner who is not fond of the outdoors and nature. 

A self-assessment of one’s passions, lifestyle and habits will therefore help you better orientate yourself in order to choose the dog that is closest to you in terms of character and needs. 

Ferplast esercizio fisico cani vigneti

Exercising with your dog: Agility Dog

Ever heard of Agility Dog? It is a series of exercises designed to keep dog and owner fit and moving! It is a real sporting discipline, but you can do it without any problem on your own, in the park or in the garden at home. Here are some exercise ideas for training with your furry friend.


Pace each step well, trying to lift your knees to your chest and keep your dog on a leash. Start with a five-minute brisk walk and increase as time goes by. And remember… if your four-legged friend stops, this is completely normal! Try not to strain them, after a little exercise everything will become easier.


Sprint at top speed together with your dog for a short distance and thus reactivate your metabolism. These efforts and distances are short, but particularly intense. You can help yourself with some interactive games designed specifically for training your dog, such as Ferplast’s Chewa Boing Ball or Puller. 

Ferplast esercizio cani agility dog

Zig zag running and jumping

Use your imagination and create a course especially for you and your pet. Don’t worry if you don’t have any professional equipment, just a few everyday objects will be enough to create a great circuit of zigzag running and small jumps, perfect for toning up your lower limb muscles.


There are many exercises you can devise together with your dog – let your imagination run wild and have fun. Get back into shape together with your four-legged friend, but don’t forget to dedicate a few important minutes to post-workout stretching. 

Are you ready to take up exercise with your dog? Try different activities and understand your pet’s preferences. It will be a time of pure enjoyment and a way to make him happy while ensuring his health and well-being.

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