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Not all dogs enjoy walking outside during the winter months, in particular those that habitually stay at home. Now there’s a simple way to take them with you anyway, keeping them warm and cosy: Ferplast’s WITH-ME WINTER bag .

As its name describes, WITH-ME is the only bag designed to help you carry your furry friend around. More than just a bag, it’s a wide and comfortable carrier, the most glamorous you’ll find. Suitable for puppies and for small dogs, made of washable rubber, the winter version of WITH-ME is lined with warm faux fur and cotton. Available in several pop colours, with a convenient removable and washable cover. If you already own a WITH-ME, it’s possible to purchase only the inner lining, to make it suitable for the colder days.


Sturdy and comfortable, with With-Me Winter you can carry your friend for an aperitif or for your last-minute Christmas shopping. Your dog won’t get tired, won’t get stressed out by the holidays confusion, and won’t feel cold. With-Me can be carried around with you at all times, and it’s also fun to match it with your own winter look. Some carry it with a total-pink, romantic outfit, while others prefer a casual, sports look. With-Me can be carried as a tote or in your hands. It comes with a practical fob inside to hook up your pet’s collar, for safe, comfortable transportation.


Are you ready for the last gift-buying spring? With your pet in tow, of course!

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