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Have you noticed anything different lately? Our logo has a new look to celebrate a really important anniversary and to express our happiness with an explosion of bright and cheerful colours worthy of fifty years of success.

Although it’s really quite unbelievable, fifty years have gone by since our company was founded, fifty years that have rewarded us with being a leader in the pet care industry and active in 85 countries on five continents. The history of Ferplast is also that of the Vaccari family who founded it and is, still today, at the helm. Born in a basement in the provinces, they believed in an idea and have reached goals that were unfathomable at the time.

Daring, reinvention, investing in people and resources to reach very precise objectives, to meet the needs of those who care for a pet in their homes day in and day out. Regardless of the pet you decide to take into your home, we seek the very best solutions to please those who buy our products, but also those that benefit from them!

Fifty years of hard work, of changes, research and development without ever letting up the pressure. Fifty years of real life, of life spent alongside co-workers, suppliers and retailers in order to become what we are today: more than 1,000 employees, 11 branch offices and 3 production sites. We have more than 100 international patents and always reinvest in R&D.

Having reached this amazing point along the road, Ferplast feels it’s time to give thanks and to celebrate! So why not begin with the logo, the symbol that is the identity of the company? How many times have you wondered what little orange beastie that was next to the Ferplast name. We call him Ferpy, he’s our mascot, and this odd little three-legged creature represents all animals, every last one of them. Ferpy is taking on a new look and will become a rainbow of sorts, a cheerful and imaginative mix.

The new logo will be with us all throughout 2016 and you’ll see it on all kinds of products we designed to celebrate our fiftieth anniversary. Follow us! We have a wide array of surprises you won’t want to miss!


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