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If it seems like Fido is cold when out to do his business on these crisp autumn mornings, it’s time to buy one of Ferplast’s fashionable BAU BAU dog coats so that he too can enjoy this cooler season.

When it comes to the cold, it is very important to keep an eye on and pay more attention to the health of our four-legged friends. Be they puppies, adults or older dogs, of any size, they all feel the low temperatures in some way, despite their protective fur.

Dips in temperature, sudden downpours and wet fur upon returning home may be a source of a number of seasonal illness for Fido. Hence, it is better to prevent such occurrences with coats and jumpers.


Ferplast comes to the rescue of our pooch with a collection of truly trendy coats, there being something for all tastes and sizes. Padded, waterproof and windproof, they are perfect for use in the most diverse climatic and weather conditions, even the snow!


The coats in the BAU BAU MODA collection are able to protect puppies from the bitter cold and humidity. This truly great selection for all tastes and sizes allows you to choose from a more sporty or chic style to suit your differing needs and especially those of your loyal companion.

When out to get some exercise, there is nothing better than the Equipe coat. With a sporty design, it is waterproof and windproof, whilst the interior is made with a micro-fleece fabric that provides a pleasant feeling of warmth for the dog upon contact. It has excellent fit and even comes with a built-in collar. An unmistakable detail is the fluorescent and reflective edges that always ensure high visibility of our fluffy friend, even when the sun is still rising or already setting. Milly loves it!


For a walk in the city or a stroll in the park, rather, there is the quilted Anorak coat, available in different fluorescent colours like pink and orange or in grey with polka-dots. Besides protecting our four-legged friend, it will render him truly trendy! This garment is comfortable and easy to wear and if it rains all of a sudden, that’s no problem – thanks to the practical hood, Fido will not get wet!

piumino_anorak_ferplast_prezzo freddo_cane_inverno_cappottino_ferplast

cappottino_per_barboncino_misuraMilly e Sissy adore them. Which one do you prefer?



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