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It’s important to know your dog’s measurements, to evaluate their development and nutrition status within the parameters of her breed as well as to pick the right size of her new chest harness.

Whenever you pick a chest harness for your dog just by looking at it, because you like the new model, you risk choosing the wrong size or selecting a model that doesn’t fit her properly, being too tight or too loose, and not safe enough. This is why it’s important to take your dog’s measurements correctly, using a common measuring tape.


To choose the proper size of her chest harness, you must measure the circumference of her neck (measurement A) and that of her “waist”, beneath her belly (measurement B).


To measure your dog’s neck correctly, she must be standing on all four paws. Wrap the tape around the base of her neck, near the point where it joins her shoulders. Remember that the tape must be comfortable, close to her body but not too tight around.


For measurement B, keep your dog still while standing, again, and wrap the tape around her chest, near her front legs.


Ferplast’s chest harnesses were designed to be extremely comfortable for your dog. For each model and size, the label states the minimum and maximum dimensions with which it can be used.


With the specific iconography, it’s impossible to make a mistake!



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