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Some dogs, like guard or shepherd dogs, usually live outside both day and night. What are their needs? Here are our tips for letting your dog sleep safely in the garden by choosing the best kennel to protect his health!

It may happen that a dog gets into the habit of sleeping outside the home, especially when it has a large park available. Although it is a minority – since most families prefer to keep their four-legged friends at home – it is important to know what the needs of these dogs are.

When can a dog sleep outside safely?

Some breeds due to physical conformation or habit, such as guard dogs or shepherd dogs, suffer less from the cold and are also led to live at lower temperatures. The small-medium sized breeds suffer a lot from the cold and can face serious problems if left out especially at night; the same is true for puppy and senior dogs who have more fragile immune systems.

Choosing the ideal kennel

If your dog sleeps outside, the main thing to do is provide him with a suitable and resistant house.
The kennel is the dog’s refuge, a safe place where he spends the whole night. It must be solid and well insulated, and it is preferable to keep it raised from the ground by at least 5-6 cm in order to create a cavity that protects the dog from soil moisture. On the market there are often kennels equipped with feet that have this function. The roof must be sloping and well waterproofed to allow the rainwater to drain properly. The entrance door is better if placed laterally in order to offer greater protection inside, and the roof easily removable for cleaning and thorough disinfection.

The Argo outdoor kennel by Ferplast has all these features, which is why it is a perfect product to give to your dog! Don’t worry, it won’t wear out or be damaged in a short time, since it is built to last over time, as it is treated both internally and externally with varnishing processes that guarantee maximum resistance to any climatic condition. Argo kennel offers a comfortable refuge to your faithful friend in any season! Inside, it is advisable to insert a cushion in waterproof and water-repellent technical fabric such as Jolly by Ferplast, so your dog will always remain comfortable and dry.

It is a quality house also because is built using FSC® certified Nordic pine, that is, coming only from forests managed correctly and responsibly according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.

The kennel placement is of vital importance to cope well with both summer and winter, it is best to place it in an area sheltered from wind and drafts and direct sunlight.

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