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Even if you already have a dog in your home, you may want to adopt a cat (or vice-versa!), but you may worry about life becoming somewhat difficult with the new member of the family.

In fact, if you don’t apply some basic rules, there could be unwanted reactions by the old or new friend that can compromise future life together.

What should you know before you actually take on a new dog or cat?

The new four-legged friend has arrived and we would like for a great friendship to grow between the two animals right from the start. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

It’s important to remember that dogs and cats have different ways of communicating, and only over time and with plenty of patience can a nice friendship be established.

The two pets should be kept in different rooms in the beginning, but each one should be allowed to go around and smell the other’s room in their absence. This way they will gradually get accustomed to the other’s presence.

Later on, it’s a good idea to install a pet gate by Ferplast so that they can look at one another whilst still in their own space.

Only when they have grown accustomed to one another can you let them roam freely through the house and study one another properly, divide up the territory and then carefully attempt the first approach.

In order to avoid fights, it’s a good idea to let each have his or her own space in which to sleep, eat and drink alone, just like it’s important to prevent one or the other from going near the other’s food dish. Remember that cats, unlike dogs, do not eat twice a day but snack up to 16 or 18 times a day.

Watch the petting and scolding too: jealousy and incomprehension can arise if there is a lack of equality where treatment and attention is concerned. It’s best not to scold them when the other is around, and it’s very important to pay equal attention to them!

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