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Bach flowers can also be used in dogs especially to treat a variety of behavioral problems. If your four-legged friend suffers from separation anxiety, if he is too fearful or excited, this type of herbal remedy could be for you, indeed for him!

The use of Bach flowers in dogs is a non-invasive, non-toxic and free of side effects method. If your furry friend is frightened, aggressive, sad, hyperactive, you could help him with flower therapy. Bach flower therapy is only a starting point, combined with the advice of a behaviorist it can have significant effects. Floritherapy does not upset the dog’s character, but balances the altered mental states.

Bach flowers are used for animals because they too, just like us, are living beings capable of emotions.

When to give Bach flowers to your dog

We recommend that you first observe your pet to understand its mood and then examine the home environment in which it lives, your relationship and that with other family members, his way of interacting with other animals. Once the situation is clear and the cause of his / her emotional discomfort is understood, it is time to contact the flower therapist who will give you all the information necessary to have the most suitable mixture for your animal. Often the owner himself must also take Bach flowers to establish a synergic interaction between him and the dog

Bach flowers suitable for dogs

With the exception of mustard, for which there are no certain veterinary indications, all floral elixirs are suitable for dogs and can contribute to its therapeutic treatment. Of the 38 Bach flower combinations, the ones most commonly used in dogs are:

  1. Rescue Remedy is one of the most important remedies for the well-being of dogs. It is the emergency one, to be used when the dog faces an acute situation: he is upset for a trip or a veterinary visit or frightened by loud noises.
  2. Heather is useful when the animal experiences separation syndrome and is unable to remain alone in the house, even for a very short time. This remedy helps to calm him and to acquire greater independence from the master.
  3. Vine is suitable for dominant dogs, who have an leading and aggressive character: this flower will make them more collaborative, with other dogs and with humans.
  4. Mimulus is the flower of fear. It gives calmness and relaxation to the dog and helps him to face a particular problem or everyday life.
  5. Holly is the flower of jealousy and possessiveness. It comes into action when the dog becomes aggressive towards those who approach his owner, or another animal enters his territory by barking: this remedy will make him more peaceful and serene.

Have you never tried them? They could be a valid solution and help your four-legged friend overcome an emotional obstacle he is experiencing.

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