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If you know you are going to be away from home for an extended period and you have an aquarium, the same problem always arises: who will feed the fish? Fortunately, the automatic aquarium feeder assists us in this time.

Automatic aquarium fish feeders


The Hydor range offers different food dispensers to suit all your needs:


This is an automatic fish feeder with a rotating container that is ideal for both flake and granulated food. It is equipped with a removable transparent container with a capacity of approx. 90 ml and also has an electronically controlled timer. It is practical to program and dispenses feed up to 3 times a day!

The design has also been meticulously thought out. The special anti-humidity device does not allow any condensation to come into contact with the feed during dispensing keeping it always dry and crispy.


The Mixo feeder has a digital display and can be programmed for up to 2 feedings per day. It is also suitable for flake or granular feed and has a removable transparent container with 90 ml capacity and a special anti-humidity design.

If necessary, immediate manual dispensing is still possible just by pressing a dedicated button.

Chef Pro

Chef Pro is an innovative automatic feeder that can dispense all types of fish food, both flakes and granules.

It is really easy to program and guarantees a constant dosage of food thanks to the auger inside, which has a patented mechanism.

In addition, it is equipped with a low battery warning light and stand-by function. Finally, as far as maintenance is concerned, the 100 ml container is very easy to clean. We only recommend that you do not use detergents or chemicals.

Aquarium fish feeding


The food we feed our fish is usually of three types:

1) Dry feeds

They include feeds in pellets, flakes, granules, chips, tablets, etc. Nowadays, there is an endless supply of feeds of all brands, shapes, sizes and flavours. This is why it is important to choose the feed carefully according to the substances it contains. Cans should also be consumed within 2-3 months after opening. It is always best to check the expiration date to avoid possible poisoning.

2) Freeze-dried feeds

Freeze-dried feed has a longer shelf life and can be kept at room temperature. 

It is food that is deep-frozen while retaining its nutritional properties and is then totally deprived of the water inside.

3) Frozen feeds

Frozen feed, on the other hand, is the closest to classic fresh food. Of course, it only retains its properties if the refrigeration process is not interrupted.


So here are the three categories best known and used by aquarists. Always remember that food not eaten by fish ends up on the bottom and decomposes, polluting the water. This is why it is a good idea to feed fish 2-3 times a day in portions sufficient to be consumed in a couple of minutes.  

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