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Ferplast gatti migliore amico dell'uomo
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Are cats grabbing the primacy of man’s best friend? Several studies have shown that more and more people are opting for a feline as a pet rather than a dog. Is it the revenge of the cats?

Some statistics

Yet as we know, man’s best friend has always been the dog. Despite this, a recent study conducted by the English association Pet Food Manufactures has shown that there are 8 million domestic cats on English soil, against 8.5 million dogs, certainly in advantage, but probably not for long if we consider that the number of cats is increasing more every year.

It has also been noted that more and more men prefer the company of a cat, when instead it has always been considered a more appreciated pet among the female population.

A similar study was also conducted in Italy by ASSALCO, which even found that cats (7.5 million) have definitively surpassed the dog population (6.9 million), winning the primacy of man’s best friend and pet most loved by the inhabitants of the peninsula.

Ferplast gatto miglior amico delluomo 

Who is smarter

Another historical primacy of dogs is associated with their intelligence. The dog is among all the intelligent pet par excellence. In fact, they.  They are able to understand commands given to them, respects hierarchies, have good memory and are a loyal friend to his master. But are we sure that cats possess lower intelligence than their four-legged companions?

A Japanese study by the University of Kyoto dealt precisely with the differences and assonances between cats and dogs the intelligences and the results were surprising. The research has questioned this belief, extremely consolidated in the minds of most.

Ferplast gatto miglior amico delluomo gioco interattivo Turbine

Cats and memory

The results of the studies have shown that cats, just like dogs, have what is commonly called “episodic memory“. It is the ability to remember events belonging to the past, but particularly happy or pleasant.

Through an experiment which consisted of arranging more or less good food in different bowls, researches have understood how even cats are able to remember past events, managing to retrieve them from their memory. In fact, the felines were able to remember which bowl contained the best food.

Furthermore, the study demonstrated how cats are able to recognize and distinguish the different facial expressions of their human parents, their gestures and the different tone of voice of various situations.

Ferplast gatti migliore amico dell'uomo ciotole

The reasons

It is not clear what the reasons for this feline surge are. A very accredited hypothesis lies in the fact that cats are extremely independent animals, apparently easier to take care of. In this hectic life, for those who want a pet, the cat seems to be the best choice today.

In short, it would seem that felines are slowly winning the label of man’s best friend. And what do you think? Are you team dog or team cat?

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