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Cane riposa nella cuccetta Ferplast
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The health of our four-legged friends can be seriously endangered by parasitic organisms. Among the most frequent diseases that dogs can develop there is the hookworm disease. Hookworms in dogs affect the intestines, causing unpleasant symptoms in our puppy.

Hookworms are parasitic worms that affect dogs and cause anaemia. Hookworms in dogs are particularly dangerous for puppies. The parasite attacks manifest themselves through intestinal diseases and hemorrhages. In order to prevent this type of infection, dogs should be regularly wormed.

What are hookworms in dogs?

Hookworm disease in dogs is caused by worms of the hookworm species. These are parasites with teeth measuring between 12 and 30 mm. They are also called hookworms because of this characteristic which enables them to anchor themselves and damage the dog’s intestinal mucous membrane.Cane riposa su cuscino Ferplast

How do they infect the dog’s organism?

Hookworms enter the dog’s organism in four different ways. They can infect animals through the skin, penetrating the hairless areas, or orally and from the mouth on to the lungs, digestive tract and muscles. They can also pass through the mother’s milk or spread through the placenta to puppies.

How do hookworms manifest themselves in dogs?

Symptoms that may point to a hookworm attack are loss of weight and appetite, weakness, dehydration, tachycardia, hair loss, diarrhoea with blood loss. These signs are some of the symptoms of traumatic ulcerative enteritis with anaemia, which is an inflammation affecting the small intestine. Ancylostomiasis is even more dangerous for puppies. To find out whether your four-legged friend has been affected by hookworms, parasitological examinations must be carried out by means of stool analysis.Cane disteso a terra

How can hookworms be eradicated in dogs?

Hookworms must be completely eradicated from the dog’s organism so that he can regain his energy. In order to heal it is necessary to treat it with anti-parasitic drugs. In severe cases it may be necessary to intervene with blood and oxygen transfusions.

How to prevent hookworms in dogs?

In order to prevent the risk of hookworms in dogs, it’s necessary to have regular de-worming. This should be started when the dog is just two weeks old and repeated twice a week for the first two months of life. Pregnant females should also be wormed, as hookworms can pass through the placenta.Cane dal veterinario per anchilostomi

Hookworms in dogs are unwanted guests that put the health of our four-legged friends at risk. When you suspect that Fido has been affected by these parasites, don’t waste time and call the vet.

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