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For many animals, summer means being abandoned. It is a phenomenon which, unfortunately, is not diminishing and involves both common household pets and exotic ones. Once again, we at Ferplast take the side of the animals, because to leave an animal that lives in our homes with us and loved us unconditionally is an act of utter cruelty and cowardice.

Many associations work hard to defend animals – from the National Animal Defence League, to the Italian RSPCA and Animalist Association – with powerful campaigns against the abandonment of pets, especially dogs and cats, when the time for summer holidays nears.

Unfortunately, even in this day and age, in 2018, it remains a huge problem that is also very difficult to keep track of. The latest data gathered by the Ministry of Health in 2016 speaks of some 130,000 pets (50,000 dogs and 80,000 cats) being left to their own fates. The peak months for abandonment are June, July and August, when having a pet becomes a problem for those who go away on holiday.

Kennels reach 100% occupation levels and it is important to point out that the guilt belongs not just on those leaving the pets behind, but also to those who turn a blind eye. The 2018 ENPA campaign reminds us that “Abandonment is a Crime!” in an attempt also to encourage those who know of cases to report them, not just remain silent witnesses to the crime. We remind our readers once again that abandonment is crime for which one can be arrested and jailed, if found guilty, for up to a year, or pay a €10,000 fine. We also remind our readers that failure to rescue an animal in need can also be punished by law.

How on earth can anyone leave their pet tied to a tree or left in a wood or city and then leave it?! We want to appeal to the conscious of people everywhere, and encourage them to reflect on what this kind of heinous act really means. Each and every one of you can help lessen the gravity of this ghastly situation by showing how much you love your pets, even in the summer.

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