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The cold season is upon us, winter is here and our cats spend more time sleeping indoors than running around the garden catching mice or other prey. Anyone who has a cat knows what amazing places cats find to go nap in. If it’s not a half open drawer somewhere, then they find a box under the counter or somehow get themselves behind the books in the bookcase. Some of these places can actually even be dangerous.

So it’s best if we find a nice cat bed for them where they can feel as safe, warm and pampered, as only cats know how to appreciate. A while ago we talked about why cats like tight places. Studies show that they like them because they feel secure there, surrounded on all four sides, safe and ready to sleep soundly without worrying about danger.

Always attentive of their needs, we have created special beds that look like them and meet their needs, places in which they feel as safe as though in a fortress that will protect them from the other ferocious beasts that may be wandering around the house. And so we designed Imperial, a comfortable igloo-type cat bed that is ideal even for small dogs. It is made of a special water-repellent cloth and has a soft faux-fur cushion in a tiger print. It’s a cute little house for them to sleep in and comes in three sizes. Completely machine washable.

Everyone loves Imperial, even we do. After the Christmas holidays, who wouldn’t want to curl up with the cat and nap until the day is done.


gatto-siberiano-cuccia ferplast-cat-bed ferplast-cat-cuccia-bed-leopard cuccia-gatto-ferplast cuccia-imperial-ferplast

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